Active coaxial loudspeaker TS56SP and TS56KSP 

TS56 Perspektive
TS56KSP back
The active, coaxial two-way sound reinforcement systems TS56KSP and TS56SP feature a neutral sound colour, strong vertical directivity and high dynamics. The active concept allows flexible adjustments to acoustical conditions and guarantees a perfect combination of speakers and amplifiers. Thanks to pre-programmed presets a combination of our active subwoofers and speakers saves the time to configure a loudspeaker management system and immediately offers a perfectly adjusted system. Compared to the provided power the speakers are very compact. These active systems are engineered for high class speech and music reproduction in middle sized auditoria. In addition they remain optically discrete because of their small dimensions. The abandonment of horn speakers results in a neutrality you only know from first class studio monitors.

The components include one 10-inch cone woofer and eight 1-inch dome tweeters. Both are effectively secured from destruction by an internal limiter. The coaxial arrangement ensures a homogeneous dispersion and this also reduces the size of these powerful sound reinforcement systems. The speakers are available in the proven vented cabinet or with cardioid technology. The port tuning of the TS56SP reaches a lower cut-off frequency of 65 Hz. The resulting bass level enables the use as a full-range system in many situations. Optionally our TT-subwoofers can be employed to extend the bass transmission range by more than one octave. Because of the strong vertical directivity, distractions by ceiling and floor reflections are effectively reduced. Thanks to this technical feature the operation of these speaker systems in acoustically difficult environments is simplified. The TS56KSP executed in cardioid technology additionally supports the user on handling this task in low frequency range.

A variety of available mountings provide easy assembly for almost every application.
cabinet type

cardioid directivity in low frequencies
vented cabinet
maximum SPL
124 dB peak / r = 1 m (3.3 ft)
frequency response

70 Hz ... 20 kHz -6 dB
65 Hz ... 20 kHz -6 dB
coverage angle f > 2 kHz
90° x 15° (h x v)

1x 10" cone
8x 1" dome tweeter
acoustic output level PE = -14 dBu

95 dB SPL / r = 1 m (3.3 ft)
mains voltage
85 ... 260 V
input power
max. 800 VA
No-load power
25 W
stand-by power
16 W
mains connectors
1x Powercon
1x Powercon loop-through output
amplifier type
2-channel PWM amplifier with temperature controlled fan
nominal output power
2x 300 W
maximum output power
2x 450 W
noise level
9 dB (A) / r = 1 m (3.3 ft)
fan noise level
22 dB (A) / r = 1 m (3.3 ft)
1x XLR analogue
input level
-6 ... +6 dBu
1x XLR analogue
control inputs
1x RJ45 Ethernet
1x USB
electronic crossover frequency
1.9 kHz
free programmable parametric EQ´s
up to 800 ms
15 kg (33 lbs)
dimensions (w x h x d)
320 x 455 x 390 mm (12.6 x 17.9 x 15.4 inch)
design of the cabinet
lumber-core plywood with scratch proof structure coating black RAL9005,
other colours optional
additional accessories (optional)
security lug
stand, wall and ceiling mount elements
TS56SP TS56KSP Diagramme