ME 802K

ME 802K
ME 802K Tieftonsystem
ME 802K Tieftonsystem
The 4-way concept of the ME 802K comprises three 10-inch woofer systems, a 6.5-inch high-performance midrange system and a tweeter array with three vertically arranged 1-inch tweeter calottes. The directivity of the system has been optimised for listening distances of between three and eight metres, rendering a natural sound image in stereo and multichannel operation. Two 1000 W and two 500 W amplifier modules supply the bass, mid and treble channels with sufficient power. The resulting overload safety ensures that even signals with highest peak levels are not limited. Also, sound pressure levels of up to 125 dB can be performed without audible distortions throughout the effective frequency range. A room compensation network, integrated into the amplifier electronics, allows control of the room-dependent frequency response.

The vertical arrangement of the 10-inch woofers provides a directivity index that ensures realistic bass presence even at listening distances of up to eight metres. Our reliable K Technology minimises rearward-directed room reflections in the bass range and simplifies the positioning of the ME 802K in the listening room. If required, the three 10-inch bass units can be operated as subwoofers via the LFE input.

The low-discolouration and low-distortion characteristics of the 6.5-inch high-performance midrange system result from the intelligent combination of several construction details. The cone loudspeaker, for example, runs without contact to the enclosure, thus avoiding the problem of cabinet resonances. Instead, the midrange system is operated with a rearward-directed acoustic flow resistor in order to achieve the desired directivity.

Frequently used wave guides in front of tweeter systems make directivity control easy. However, they tend to produce unavoidable discolourations due to short-time reflections on the inner horn surface. We take a different approach by using a tweeter array and doing without horn loudspeaker systems for sound level enhancement. The tweeter unit that is arranged coaxially in front of the midrange system guarantees the trademark low-colouration reproduction of sound events in our loudspeakers.

All these features make the ME 802K so unique on the loudspeaker market. It is ideal for large listening distances and for acoustically less attenuated rooms.
active 4-way high-performance-loudspeaker for listening distances between 3 and 8 m
Maximum SPL
    to IEC 268-1
    Programme material

≥ 119 dB
125 dB peak / r = 1 m (3.3 ft)
25 Hz ... 22 kHz - 6 dB
Acoustic output level / PE = - 14 dBu

90 dB / r = 1 m (3.3 ft)
Directivity index
from 100 Hz ... 10 kHz

increasing from 4 to 10 dB
Inherent noise sound level
≤ 10 dB (A) / r = 1 m (3.3 ft)
Total harmonic distortion
measured at 100 dB / r = 1 m (3.3 ft)
from 100 Hz ... 10 kHz

≤ - 45 dB
Nominal Input level
+ 6 dBu adjustable
Input impedance
≥ 10 kOhm RC balanced
Electronic Crossover frequencies
160 Hz, 680 Hz and 2 kHz
Output power PWM-amplifier

Max. 1000 Watt / 4 Ohm
Max. 1000 Watt / 4 Ohm
Max. 500 Watt / 4 Ohm
Max. 500 Watt / 4 Ohm
Power requirements
90 ... 132 V, 55 ... 65 Hz
190 ... 265 V, 45 ... 55 Hz
Power consumption
42 VA at standby
max. 1500 VA at full load
Mains Connection
IEC power connector with HF-filter
Operation and Clipping indicator
LED on front side
Input Connectors
2x XLR 3F (programme- and LFE input)
Loudspeaker systems
    Mid-range unit

3x 260 mm (10") cone
1x 160 mm (6") cone
3x 25 mm (1") dome
Dimensions (H x W x D)
1155 x 366 x 423 mm (45.5 x 14.4 x 16.7 in)
82 kg (180.4 lbs)
Temperature requirements
    for use
    for storage

+ 15°C ... + 35°C (59°F ... 95°F)
- 25°C ... + 45°C (- 13°F ... 113°F)
45 ... 75 %
Design of the Cabinet
    acoustic buffle

MDF-wood in ash black veneered; optional different veneers or colors
MDF-wood in microstructure semi gloss black
ME 802K Free field frequency response
ME 802K Total harmonic distortions
ME 802K Directional characteristic
Brochure and Documentation
Instructions for installation and use