ML 811K1

ML811K1 Perspektive
ML811K1 RL Amplifier
With the ML811K1 a mastering loudspeaker was created combining maximal levels and absolute neutrality. For the first time mastering engineers have the opportunity to use a loudspeaker providing the same sound pattern Tonmeisters pledge to for decades. Special attention was directed to the necessities and conditions in mastering studios: large rooms and listening distances, high levels and neutrality. Regardless of whether classical, rock, pop, or motion picture productions the ML811K1 overcomes loud and quiet passages with ease. Also in big living rooms or home cinemas it convinces with the accustomed ME quality.

By the cardioid radiation characteristics within the frequency range from 30 Hz through 250 Hz the reflections on the back walls of listening rooms can be minimized. In addition the transfer characteristic can be matched to the acoustical conditions of the reproduction room as well as to the set-up situation by the parametric filters of the integrated DSP.

The total directivity index of the monitor was optimized for long listening distances and a base distance between three and eight metres (9′10″ and 26′3″). For low frequencies a very linear 400 mm (16″) long-throw driver in a cardioid cabinet is employed, delivering excellent impulse fidelity. The four 25 mm (1″) dome tweeters are coaxially mounted in front of the 260 mm (10″) cone allowing a precise steering of the directivity index. As a result a realistic and steady spatial performance of the sound image around the listening position is achieved, with high homogeneity and smallest possible coloration. By the big diaphragm area the ML811K1 is to the highest degree level proof while at the same time it has the lowest distortions. Therefore the ML811K1 is a precision studio tool allowing fatigue free working for hours.

The RL-Amplifier is a 2 U rackmount Class-D amplifier driving the woofer with 1,500 W at 8 Ω and the midrange as well as the tweeters equally with 800 W at 4 Ω and therefore has sufficient power reserves for every situation.

A variety of special stands and racks is available as accessories. According fixing elements have been integrated into the loudspeaker cabinet.
Active three-way reference monitor for listening distances between 3 m (9′10″) and 8 m (26′3″)
Maximum SPL
from 100 Hz ... 6 kHz

118 dB ... 127 dB / r = 1 m (3′3″) (4 π)
28 Hz ... 20 kHz ± 3 dB
Acoustic output level / PE = - 14 dBu

95 dB / r = 2 m (6′7″)
Directivity index
from 100 Hz ... 10 kHz

increasing from 5 dB to 14 dB
Inherent noise sound level
≤ 7 dB (A) / r = 1 m (3′3″)
Total harmonic distortion
measured at 100 dB / r = 1 m (3′3″)
from 100 Hz ... 10 kHz

≤ - 45 dB
Nominal input level
+ 6 dBu (adjustable)
Input impedance
≥ 10 kΩ RC balanced
Electronic crossover frequencies

550 Hz und 2.1 kHz
Nominal output power of the amplifier

1,500 W / 4 Ω
800 W / 4 Ω
800 W / 4 Ω
Input connector of the speaker
Neutrik Speakon NL8 MPR
Input connector of the amplifier
Analogue XLR 3F; optional XLR 3F AES EBU
Output connector of the amplifier
Neutrik Speakon NL8 MPR
Loudspeaker systems
    Mid-range unit

1x 400 mm (16″) cone
1x 260 mm (10″) cone
4x 25 mm (1″) dome
Operation indicator of the amplifier
Display blue
Level and clipping indicator
Green LED chain at amplifier / limiting red
Power requirements
85 V ... 265 V, 50 Hz ... 60 Hz
Power consumption
50 V A in standby
max. 1,100 V A at full load
Mains connection
Neutrik Powercon NAC3 MPA-1
Protection class
Protection class 1
EMV conformity
EN55103-1 Emission Class A
EN55103-2 Immunity
Temperature requirements
    for use
    for storage

+ 15°C ... + 35°C (59°F ... 95°F)
- 25°C ... + 45°C (- 13°F ... 113°F)
45 % ... 75 %
Connection cable
Loudspeaker - amplifier

Speakon NL8
Standard length 3 m (9′10″); optional other lengths
Dimensions (W × D × H)

460 mm × 400 mm × 810 mm (18.2″ × 15.8″ × 31.9″)
440 mm (faceplate 485 mm) × 290 mm × 90 mm (2 HE)
(17.4″ (faceplate 17.4″) × 11.5″ × 3.6″ (2 U))

51 kg (112.5 lbs)
7.1 kg (15.7 lbs)
Design of the cabinet

MDF wood in ash black veneered; optional different veneers or colours
with lateral mounting; optional without lateral mounting
with handles; optional without handles
ML811K1 Freifeld en
ML811K1 Klirr en
ML811K1 Richtcharakteristik en
Floor bracket stand
Loudspeaker rotable mounted
Deliverable heights (Top edge loudspeaker): 1923 mm (75.7 in), 1713 mm (67.4 in), 1573 mm (61.9 in) and 1458 mm (57.4 in)
Base panel (W x D): 620 mm x 550 mm (24.4 in x 21.7 in)
Base panel and stabilisation panel veneered
Racks black powder-coated
Brochure and Documentation
Instructions for installation and use
Installation instructions for floor bracket stand models RL 901K - RL 903
Technical drawings
Technical drawing to the loudspeaker
Technical drawing to the floor bracket stand with details of the standard heights