We produce loudspeaker in accordance to our conviction. That is why we develop and construct all monitors ourselves - from A to Z, from the electronics of the amplifier to the voice coil of the transducer. A product, which components all come from our own manufacturing, has noticeable advantages for you as a professional customer. We are independent of third parties products and build our components just the way we require them - this proceeding can't be beaten in quality by mass-production. This strategy also leads to high continuity and fixed values of our product range as well as it ensures that replacement parts will be available for long-term. We believe that this is the only way to create a product which is worth your investment and satisfies your professional needs for many years.

Our loudspeakers are ...
... the result of consequent development that needed many years and pursued only one aim: the highest degree of precise sound without any coloration regardless of genres. Hearing and measuring are the basis of our work. We build on profound musical comprehension and the knowledge of unalterable physical laws - not on magic tricks, new fashioned ideas or marketing-strategies.
... team players and no tonal „loners“. Which speaker is the optimum in an individual listening situation, is determined by listening distance, requested lower cut-off frequency and maximum sound pressure level – but not by tonal differences. A consistent application of our products enables an almost compatible sound/acoustic pattern, no matter if used in OB van or main control room, private listening room or concert hall. The on-site fabrication in our Saxon manufactury guarantees high class quality.