Tireless listening with our MCDS-Coax

The foundation of our speakers from the Studio-, high-end and partially the sound reinforcement is the application of our reliable and consequently improved coaxial technology (MCDS-Coax – Minimum Colouration Directivity Steering-Coax). The sound radiation from one point results in some important advantages: a homogeneous and colouration neutral sound pattern, sound localisation and sound staging without comparison. These features allow tireless listening.

A classic example is the human voice that is a sound source from on point for the listener. This relation is transferable to the individual sound sources in complex musical performances. When inline speakers are used/employed, where the low-, mid- and treble components are linearly arranged, the listener perceives the sound reproduction principally separated, because the sound events don't blend into one point. The separated hearing contradicts the human notion of a natural sound source and results in unnecessary stress by mental merging of the acoustic information into a consistent sound pattern and tonal perception. The technically optimal solution is therefore the consistently well-engineered MCDS-Coax from Musikelectronic Geithain.

Noncritical speaker placement through our K-technology

During sound reproduction in enclosed rooms reflections from the walls cause undesirable interferences in the bass range which are usually counteracted by purposeful speaker placement. This kind of optimisation depends on many factors and is rarely successful. With our K technology (“K” for the German translation of cardioid) we offer a solution that achieves outstanding results even in acoustically critical rooms. The specialists from Saxony achieve this with an acoustic propagation element with backward attenuation of more than 10 dB, which is integrated into the back of the cabinet. As a result the reflections behind the speaker are heavily attenuated so that interferences are barely recognisable.

The perfect way for sound pressure level enhancement in the treble range

Often used sound transmission elements in front of tweeters enable a simple control of the directionality/directivity/directional characteristic but tend to unavoidable sound colouration. They originate from short term reflections on the inner surface of the horn. We use another path with our tweeter array and abandon systems with horn speakers to enhance the sound pressure level and bridging great listening distances. Coaxially arranged before the mid range system, the tweeter system guarantees the accustomed colouration neutral reproduction of music and speech and invokes the proximity to the sound event that is desired by the listener. This technology sets tonal and technical benchmarks in the studio, high-end and sound reinforcement segment.

The sum of all these constructive arrangements results in seamless tonal compatibility of our speakers to all other products from Musikelectronic Geithain. High sound colour neutrality, excellent spatiality and sound staging as well as tireless listening to most complex sound events distinguish all our speakers and are a unique at the speaker market.